This course April 13-14 will provide hands-on, in-depth instruction in the use of ultrasound for the diagnosis of bovine medical and surgical cases. Class size is limited to eight veterinarians. The instructor is Sebastien Buczinski, DVM, MSc, University of Montreal.

• Umbilical ultrasonography
• Teat and udder ultrasonography
• Thoracic ultrasonography (bovine respiratory diseases…)
• Gastrointestinal tract ultrasonography (traumatic reticuloperitonitis, peritonitis, abomasal diseases, small intestine problems)
• Liver ultrasonography (liver abscesses, fatty liver, thrombosis of the caudal vena cava)
• Urinary tract ultrasonography (pyelonephritis, cystitis…)

This course can be taken with the Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound for Veterinarians Course on the same dates.

It will be held in Dundee, New York, the Inn at Glenora Wine Cellars.

For more information, visit or contact Jill Colloton, DVM, at