Tips for spring-calving herdsTips for spring calving herds:

  • Be sure to record calving information. Records are very helpful when trying to make herd management improvements.
  • Mark your calendar for a date to turn in bulls. Also mark a date 60-90 days later to remove the bulls.
    • Deworm cows
    • Plan to process calves:
      • Castrate bulls and implant
      • Vaccinate
      • Deworm
      • Dehorn
      • Tag calves if not already done
        • If you did not record information at birth, calves can be tagged and then matched up and recorded once they "pair up" with their dam.

    Tips for fall calving herds:

    • Deworm Cows
    • Plan Marketing
    • Vaccinate Calves

    See this University of Arkansas Extension Fact Sheet for recommendtion vaccination schedules.