With the world’s population projected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050, the challenge of feeding a growing global population is daunting.

This year’s National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s (NIAA) Annual Conference, April 15-17 in Louisville, Ky., will focus on two key factors — technology and value s— that need to marry to make feeding the world’s growing global population a consumer-acceptable reality.

Speakers at NIAA’s Annual Conference “Animal Agriculture’s Vision to Feed the World: Merging Values and Technology” will address and delve deep into these two key areas. General topics include:

  • Meeting the demand for food through  technology and knowledge
  • Using technology and values to tackle catastrophic disease events and natural disasters
  • Translating and communicating advancements in agriculture to consumers

Speakers will share innovative technologies — those available today and others in the pipeline—that can advance food production and will navigate challenging and emotionally charged issues tied to food production. Speakers will also present information that unpins the need to communicate with consumers in transparent, consumer-understood, consumer-friendly words and terms so consumers feel informed.

Attendees are also encouraged to attend a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Symposium that starts Wednesday afternoon, April 17, and concludes Thursday afternoon. The FMD Symposium will zero in on fostering a new preparedness paradigm and facilitate conversation among public and private sector stakeholders.

Learn more about NIAA’s Annual Conference or the FMD Symposium or to register, visit www.animalagriculture.org or call NIAA at (719) 538-8843.