Stepping over dollars to pick up dimesWe all do it. We ignore the low-hanging fruit that will give us a better return and we go after the things that are riskier and often give us barely any return. We set ourselves up fail when we ignore common sense practices that we know are good for the bottom line.

Dairy calf expert Sam Leadley, PhD, Attica Veterinary Associates, sees that all too often on dairy farms where calf care is concerned. In Leadley’s latest Calving Ease e-newsletter, he lists seven calf management practices that get ignored and can end up costing dairy producers money in the long run.

Below are the bullet point management practices that, if forgotten, can cost dairy producers in the end. Read Leadley’s full article, “How to Save a Penny and Lose a Dollar” here.

  • Not dip the umbilical cord on newborn calves.
  • Not milk fresh cows soon after calving.
  • Not check colostrum quality before feeding it to newborn calves.
  • Not use human health standards for colostrum cleanliness.
  • Not feeding colostrum to a newborn calf as soon as practical after birth.
  • Not feed enough good quality colostrum soon enough after calving.
  • Not quantify the immunity levels in young calves.