Dairy Tech Inc. has introduced the Perfect Udder Colostrum Management System, which consists of a special 3- or 4-quart bag. The Perfect Udder is designed to enhance all management aspects of colostrum handling on the dairy.

Colostrum is harvested in a clean manner and then either pasteurized in the DT10G colostrum pasteurizer, or placed directly into the Perfect Udder to be pasteurized in any of the Dairy Techbatch pasteurization systems.

With a cap securely in place, the 3- or 4-quart bag of colostrum can now be properly labeled and stored in the refrigerator or freezer until it is ready to feed. The bags are specially designed to ensure that the contents are thoroughly heat treated, and this design also helps to thaw or reheat the bags when it is time to feed.

Feeding the colostrum is simplified because the Perfect Udder comes with an esophageal feeder and nipple attachments so that the calf can be fed directly from the bag. Feed 10% of body weight (3 quarts to small breeds and 4 quarts to Holstein calves). Once the calf is fed, the bags can be discarded to avoid any contamination, and to make cleaning a non-issue.

The Perfect Udder colostrum management system is sold in packages of (50) 3- or 4–quart sized bags, with three new nipple assemblies, three new esophageal tubes, freezer sheets and instructions. There is also a full line of accessories to make easy use of the Perfect Udder technology.

For more information, visit www.dairytechinc.com.