SCR Dairy Inc. announces a new partnership with Select Sires, Inc. to market the SCR’s Heatime® systems for health monitoring and heat detection. Dairy producers will now have more options to access valuable herd monitoring data available from this exciting new technology that harnesses the power of rumination data for improved health and reproduction management.

This technology allows dairy producers to shift the way they manage and interact with their herd, providing value through an integrated cow intelligence system. The system combines rumination monitoring along with accurate heat detection—including a recommendation for optimal insemination.

The activity and rumination monitoring technology enables dairy producers to detect individual cow health problems early, as well as monitor the rumination of pens of cows and the entire herd. The use of these data can help assess nutrition changes, reproductive performance and other general health factors.

System users are better able to manage individual cows and whole herds, which can translate to increased production, higher pregnancy rates and fewer costs associated with estrous synchronization programs and disease treatment. That’s because the system enables farmers to screen for cows in need of intervention and take timely and proper action that results in improved animal performance and a short return on investment.

The technology monitors each individual cow’s activity levels and intensity and rumination behavior 24 hours a day. The reliable, easy-to-use system features long-life batteries and impressive results that have made SCR Dairy the largest producer of cow-monitoring tags in the world.

Heatime systems will continue to be available from Semex USA ( and Micro Dairy Logic ( through their respective field representatives. Those producers who wish to purchase through Select Sires can contact their Select Sires' representative or visit