Alltech has released the results of its 2013 Global Feed Tonnage Survey conducted in December 2012.

According to Alltech’s Aidan Connolly, it’s estimated that there is 959 million tons (mt) of global feed.

The survey gathered data from 134 countries from feed associations as well as 520 of Alltech’s sales force who visit over 26,000 feed mills annually.

Highlights from the 2013 Global Feed Tonnage Survey include:

  • The top five animal feed-producing countries, in order, are China, United States, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. While Asia is the largest feed producer, the Middle East and Africa are rapidly growing their feed production.
  • The survey looked at feed production for different categories of animals that included swine, cattle, other ruminants, poultry, aquaculture, horses and pets.
  • Poultry feed makes up the largest market with 411mt, followed by ruminant feed at 254mt, swine at 218mt, aquaculture at 45mt and equine at 20mt.
  • Poultry consumes 43% of the feed produced, and 8% growth over 2011, and 60% of that is for broilers.
  • For the first time, Alltech also collected information on the number of feedmills, and it’s estimated there are 26,189 globally. The top six are China (10,000), United States (5,251), Brazil (1,237), India (862), Argentina (800) and Spain (700).

Though the estimates indicate a 10% increase in global feed tonnage over the previous year, Connolly noted that realistically, growth is probably closer to 4-5% over the previous year due to more accurate assessments, new sources of information and more specificity in data collection.

View a summary of the 2013 Alltech Global Feed Survey findings, including graphs.