New pro-agriculture advocacy group Protect The Harvest announced the launch of the "Farm Wars! Podcast." Hosted by Wayne Yocum and co-hosted by Dan Kleinsorge, the operations manager of Missouri Farmers Care, the Farm Wars! Podcast is a bi-weekly look at the growing conflict between modern agriculture and extremists within the animal rights and environmental movements.

"Wayne and Dan provide a fresh, inviting and informative take on this very important issue," explained Iowa State Representative Erik Helland, Protect The Harvest Board Member. "Too many Americans are unaware that their food supply is under attack from extremists who want to control their lifestyles and choices. Hopefully, the Farm Wars! Podcast will be an effective wake up call."

Released every two weeks, the Farm Wars! Podcast includes in-depth interviews with news and policy makers along with news coverage and discussion segments like "This Week In Insanity" and "Warm Fuzzy/Cold Prickly."

"This is a fun and exciting way to use emerging media to help bring the truth about modern agriculture into the homes of many Americans who have no idea this conflict exists," said Dan Kleinsorge. "American families are now getting more of their news and information from the internet than traditional media like television, radio and newspaper. With the Farm Wars! Podcast we're reaching people where they're at today."

The Farm Wars! Podcast pilot episode was released on May 3rd and has been downloaded hundreds of times across the U.S. and in nations as far away as India and Ireland.

"These issues are important because they impact the lives of every single American," concluded Yocum. "If you eat food, then, whether you realize it or not, you're part of the American farm wars and you need to get informed today. We think the Farm Wars! Podcast is the perfect medium to get the word out."

Episode 2 of the Farm Wars! Podcast broadcast on Monday features an in-depth interview with Kevin Murphy of Food Chain Communications on the importance of morality and ethics in the debate over animal agriculture techniques. You can listen to it here. To listen to past episodes, you can find the archives here.