Do you know if or why these drug uses that you might see in your daily practice are illegal, or not?

Virginia Fajt, DVM, PhD, offers these examples of drug use in food-animals, and explains why they are or are not legal under FDA regulations.

Take this quiz and see how up to speed you are on FDA drug use regulations.

See the answers here.

  1. Metronidazole (Flagyl) for Giardia in a lamb
  2. Gentamicin for respiratory disease in a steer
  3. Clotrimazole topically for ringworm
  4. Tilmicosin for seminal vesiculitis in yearling bull
  5. Ketoprofen for bovine respiratory disease
  6. Oxytetracycline feed additive at 10 mg/lb for Mycoplasma arthritis
  7. Distilled water with baking soda and 50% dextrose for fluid therapy in a neonate
  8. Intramammary aloe vera for treatment of mastitis
  9. Intramammary colloidal silver for treatment of mastitis
  10. Ceftiofur for treatment of metritis in a goat
  11. Ceftiofur for treatment of calf septicemia
  12. Enrofloxacin for treatment of respiratory disease in a dairy cow
  13. Tilmicosin for treatment of respiratory disease in a dairy cow
  14. Six growth promotant implants in a steer for heat detection
  15. Sulfachlorpyridazine for treatment of metritis in dairy cows
  16. Pediatric human-labeled trimethoprim-sulfa for E. coli in a neonatal calf

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