Merial has launched a new website, The new resource provides a digital deworming tool that will give cattle producers immediate evaluations of their current deworming protocols.

This year’s drought has producers scrutinizing their bottom line and looking for ways to increase productivity. The digital deworming tool evaluates a herd’s parasite load and its impact on overall herd health. The tool is simple and straightforward to use. First, the tool will ask questions such as herd size, pasture turnout plans, region of the country where the cattle are located and products currently used for parasite management.

Detailed questions are then asked regarding which products will be used to treat parasites and when those treatments are scheduled.

After inputting this information, the digital deworming tool gets to work. The tool predicts the overall health of a herd as it relates to parasitism. The analysis includes critical parasite load estimates and a corresponding herd health evaluation. This information can be used by the producer to evaluate overall herd productivity and steps that can be taken to improve deworming protocols.

The up-front time invested is worth it because not having an effective deworming program can have adverse results for producers. Internal parasites, if left untreated, can negatively impact the immune system, reduce appetite and nutritional efficiency, reduce weaning weights, lower conception rates, alter carcass composition and decrease milk production. Treating beef cattle for parasites can give producers a great economic return.

The site also features information about the impact of parasites, the type of parasites commonly found in beef and dairy herds and common deworming misconceptions.