The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) heads west Nov. 8–9 for its 2012 annual meeting in Sacramento, Calif.

This year’s annual meeting will explore new on-farm research application and team approaches to dairy reproduction.

As one of the most important yet complex areas on a dairy operation, reproductive performance takes a team approach and astute management for success to be achieved. The DCRC meeting will deliver fresh perspectives on different areas that ultimately express themselves through reproductive performance, as well as detail how a team approach can achieve the dairy’s goals. 

“The 2012 DCRC Annual Meeting is poised to bring the collective reproductive management team—including dairy producers, dairy consultants, academia and industry professionals—around the same table to focus on the areas that impact a successful reproduction program,” says DCRC President Tom Bailey, DVM, MS, ACT. “By broadening the meeting’s focus, attendees will receive the knowledge and practical application needed for comprehensive reproductive management.”

The industry’s best and brightest researchers, reproductive experts, veterinarians and producers will serve as presenters during the two-day program. Attendees will have the option to learn more about reproduction through a variety of general sessions, breakout sessions and workshops, including:


• Feeding and Managing Dairy Cows for Improved Early Cyclity, Tom Overton, Cornell University 

• Intra-Uterine Microbiota of Dairy Cows and the Impact of Trace Minerals, Rodrigo Bicalho, Cornell University 


• Panel Discussion: Working as a Team to Achieve Reproductive Success, 2012 DCRC Reproduction Award-Winning Herd and Consultants 

• Communication and Labor Training with an Eye for Reproduction, King Smith and Earl Ingram, Select Sires

A.I. and Synchronization

• Effects of Resynchronization on Fertility and Economics, Todd Bilby, Texas AgriLife Research and Extension 

• New Research in Artificial Insemination and Semen Processing, Mike Kaproth, Genex 

• Bull Management and Economics, Carlos Risco, University of Florida

Animal Care and Handling

• Role of Animal Care on Dairies in the Future, Jen Walker, Dean Foods

• Developing Messages about Herd Management and Reproduction, Stan Erwine, Dairy Management Inc. and Charleston|Orwig 

• Dairy Stockmanship, Paul Rapnicki, Elanco Animal Health

Heifer Development

• Heifer Development Focused on Early, Successful Reproduction, Robert Corbett, Dairy Health Consultation 

• Heifer Reproduction Monitoring and Performance, John Lee, Pfizer Animal Health


• A Financial Perspective of Herd Reproduction and Profitability, Greg Bethard, G&R Consulting, Inc. 

• Global Milk Marketing, Gary Siporski, Vita Plus Corporation


• Data Management and Remote Access from a Consultant Perspective, Neil Michael, Vita Plus Corporation

International Reproductive Management

• Dairying and Reproductive Management in Mexico and South America: Exploring Current Status and Trends, Hernando Lopez, ABS Global

Additional information about the DCRC Annual Meeting, including the meeting agenda, can be found on the DCRC website here. As the meeting approaches, look for additional updates on the website, as well as on the DCRC Facebook and Twitter pages.