The National FFA Organization awarded a $1,000 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) scholarship to Amberlea Hansen of Yacolt, Wash.

AVMA sponsors scholarships for aspiring veterinarians through the FFA every year. Studying pre-veterinary medicine classes at Kansas State University as a freshman, Hansen hopes to get into the school’s veterinary school after earning her undergraduate degree. She is interested in practicing large animal veterinary medicine.

“I was very excited to learn that I had received this scholarship,” Hansen says. “This scholarship will help me to pursue my lifelong dream to be a veterinarian. When I graduate from veterinary school, it’s my plan to practice large animal veterinary medicine in Wyoming and Washington, where I’m from.  I’d really like to specialize in sheep and cattle.”

Hansen was one of three recipients chosen for the AVMA $1,000 scholarship from 8,050 applicants from across the country who applied for FFA scholarships. Selections were based on the applicant's academic record, FFA and other school and community activities, supervised agricultural experience program in agricultural education and future goals.    

Hansen says that she was inspired to become a large-animal veterinarian through her childhood in Kasper, Wyoming and Washington State. She’s been interested in the field since elementary school and has even volunteered at veterinary clinics to learn more about the profession.

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