GlobalVetLINK representatives are currently attending the Joint Strategy Forum on Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) to continue to gather knowledge and perspective on the ADT Ruling that went into effect in March of 2013.

With many facets of the ADT Rule and how it affects the animal health industry, one major challenge of implementation and tracking is automation and integration of systems between producers, states, and other industry players.

Recognizing the need for integration, GVL is a digital solutions provider of automatic submission to both the state of origin and state of destination with one standard certificate format. The GlobalVetLINK system is accepted by all 50 State Veterinarians and provides digital solutions for multiple types of animal health certification including ICVIs.

Another major area of concern where GlobalVetLINK is trying to ease the necessary burden of ADT rule is providing a searchable database that offers intuitive, searchable data. When it comes to Animal Disease Traceability, the best option to trace an animal is not only having an electronic document, but to have the ability to search all the information that resides on the certificate in the database.

For further clarification, a document can be electronic, but not searchable. A document may be stored electronically without having searchable data in the document. A scanned copy or a PDF would be a nonsearchable option. It is essential for disease traceability that the information within the document can be specified and located. This digital solution makes every aspect of a specific health certificate searchable and therefore, aids in animal disease traceability.

Dr. Maggie Hoenig from Carthage Veterinary Services spoke at the ADT Forum on behalf of GVL as a user of the HealthLINK certification system, saying “[The System] allows us to spend more time on animal wellness instead of paperwork.”