Fall 2013 student enrollment officially set a new record at Kansas State University with continued interest in agricultural majors contributing to the rush of students.

Don Boggs, Kansas State University's associate dean of agriculture, says the Kansas State College of Agriculture has increased undergrad enrollment by six percent and graduate enrollment is up almost 11 percent. He says other universities are seeing more interest in ag-related programs as well.

The increased enrollment in agricultural majors is due to the number of jobs available in the field and interest in solving global issues, including the challenge of feeding a growing world population with limited resources.

“There’s a lot of students in this generation with a desire to do good and be part of an industry where they can apply their science and technology and math skills to solving a world problem such as hunger has driven students to our program,” Boggs said.

Attendance increases are led by animal science, up 40 percent for undergraduate students in the last six years, and ag econ. Other majors have also improved. Boggs says the number of agronomy students has nearly doubled since 2007.