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Accuracy of behavior monitoring for estrus detection

K-State research shows Dairymaster’s wearable cow technology MooMonitor provides 88.6 percent accuracy in identification of estrus FULL STORY »

AgriLabs launches novel Klebsiella vaccine

Klebsiella vaccine with SRP technology is a new management tool for the dairy industry. FULL STORY »

Rock River Laboratory launches new Wisconsin laboratory

Rock River Laboratory, Inc. has opened the doors of a new feed analysis laboratory in Colby, Wis. FULL STORY »

Gary Smith returns to CSU

Professor Emeritus of Animal Sciences Gary Smith, PhD, has returned to Colorado State University to serve as a visiting professor of animal sciences and special advisor to the president. He started July 1. FULL STORY »

Harmful Algal Blooms - Are my cattle in danger?

Water is the most critical factor in the diet of cattle and during hot and dry weather, it is especially important to monitor water quality. Harmful algal blooms (HABs) can reduce water quality and intake, and are potentially toxic to livestock. FULL STORY »

“Whisper” system for BRD diagnosis

One of the most challenging aspects of controlling bovine respiratory disease syndrome (BRDS) is the difficulty in diagnosing the disease, particularly in its early stages when treatment is most effective. FULL STORY »

NMSU developing food supp. to improve cattle digestive system

During drought, having cattle that can tolerate poor nutritional forage is the difference between a cow and calf operation going under, or staying in business. Pregnant cows have a harder time during drought because they are eating for two. FULL STORY »

New Zilmax studies find no ill effects

It was just one year ago when concerns surfaced over possible adverse effects of the beta agonist Zilmax on feedyard cattle. FULL STORY »

West Texas A&M offers online pharmaceutical course

The course will equip persons involved in the management, administration, distribution or sale of pharmaceuticals used in cattle to maximize therapeutic outcomes, prevent drug-related problems and protect the wholesomeness of the food supply chain. FULL STORY »

New law is a historic triumph for veterinarians, animal care

The AVMA thanks President Obama for signing a bill that will allow veterinarians to legally provide complete care in mobile settings. FULL STORY »

KC Animal Health Investment Forum Selects Finalists

New animal health technologies on display include antibiotic-free drugs for livestock, stem cell products for bone healing and mobile devices to monitor pet fitness. FULL STORY »

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