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VaxLiant marks 1st anniversary of FMD vaccine joint venture

Even before VaxLiant was formed in 2013, its leaders had been working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to create a breakthrough foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccine. FULL STORY »

Calves with Sam: Feeding temperature for acidified milk replacer

The question I received was about the ideal temperature at which to feed acidified milk replacer to young dairy heifer calves. FULL STORY »

An abundance of precaution

Adherence to the Precautionary Principle could block advancements in animal agriculture. FULL STORY »

Anthrax case confirmed in a goat in Texas

The first Anthrax case in Texas for 2014 has been confirmed in a goat in Kinney County. The premises is located four miles north of Bracketville, TX. FULL STORY »

Calf milk feeding rates – do you know the rest of the story?

Broadcasting legend Paul Harvey made the phrase “the rest of the story” famous by using it to finish telling a story or fill in the missing details. FULL STORY »

Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame banquet inspirational speaker

Renowned speaker and author Scott Burrows will share his story of overcoming adversity and change at the 6th annual Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame induction banquet on Tuesday, July 29 in Westminster, Colorado. FULL STORY »

Gasses in perspective

Whether or not you believe in human-perpetrated global climate change, there is increasing recognition that you — bovine veterinarians — are helping fight it. How so? By improving the production efficiency of your clients’ herds. FULL STORY »

A peek behind the curtain at GeneSeek

During the Beef Improvement Federation’s recent post-conference tour in the Lincoln, Neb. area, the group visited the brand-new laboratory facilities of GeneSeek, one of the leading companies in genomic testing and profiling for cattle and other livestock. FULL STORY »

Book values don’t cut it when formulating rations

Cows crave consistency in routine and nutrition. The most successful rations are mixed and fed properly and consistent in nutrient value and quality, enhancing feed intake and maximizing cow health and productivity. FULL STORY »

From the BIF conference: The long-term impact of cow nutrition

Experts in human health have long known that the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy can positively or negatively affect the long-term health of her baby. Many of the interactions, however, are not well understood and remain under study. Similar influences occur in cattle, but again, many questions remain as to critical nutrients, critical times during gestation and the outcomes in terms of animal health, performance and beef quality. FULL STORY »

Henry Schein Animal Health to host 2014 Vet-technology summit

Veterinarians and their staff seeking to gain valuable insights into state-of-the-art practice management and experience the latest veterinary technology solutions can attend the Henry Schein Veterinary Technology Summit. FULL STORY »

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