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Make reproductive health top priority this spring

The spring calf crop is a natural focus for beef producers this time of year, but the most important thing a producer can do to maintain productivity and help improve profitability potential is to keep reproductive health of the cow herd top of mind. FULL STORY »

NMPF asks FDA to rewrite animal feed draft regulation

NMPF says FDA went beyond the intent of Congress by seeking to impose requirements that will not make animal feed safer. FULL STORY »

Loneragan receives NAMA outstanding educator award

Guy Loneragan, a Texas Tech veterinary epidemiologist and professor of food safety and public health, has been selected to receive the “Harry L. Rudnick Outstanding Educator Award” from the North American Meat Association. FULL STORY »

Industry loses an advocate and thought leader in Dr. Scott Hurd

Veterinarian H. Scott Hurd, a prominent and respected scientist and advocate for animal agriculture, passed away last week after a battle with brain cancer. A leading authority on food safety and antibiotic use in livestock, Hurd wrote prolifically, skillfully and passionately on these issues in recent years, bringing civility and reason to the often heated dialog. FULL STORY »

Linking the feedlot, ranch and seedstock supplier Play video

Warren Weibert, owner of Decatur County Feed Yard in Oberlin, Kan., describes how ranchers have used individual performance and carcass data, supplied by the feedyard, to refine their genetic selection. FULL STORY »

Ranch Sustainability Forum scheduled in Sheridan, Wyo.

Ranchers and other stakeholders will have a chance to learn about and discuss sustainable beef production, and gain first-hand experience in cattle and range management practices, during the first annual Ranch Sustainability Forum in Sheridan, Wyo. on May 12 through 14. FULL STORY »

Kansas State vet-school dean Richardson to step down

Ralph C. Richardson has announced his plans to step down as dean of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine no later than July 2015. He will then assume a faculty position. FULL STORY »

Missouri study reveals origins of ancient African cattle

New genetic history of cattle allows for better breeding methods, reveals new aspects of human history. FULL STORY »

Identification is key to livestock record keeping

The truck in the driveway has a VIN, the vaccine in the refrigerator has a lot number, but does the cow and her calf in the field have a tag? According to the most recent NAHMS survey, cow and herd identification is least common when herd size was less than 50 cows. FULL STORY »

Monitoring behavior, performance and health Play video

GrowSafe has become known for developing systems for measuring individual feed intake and feed efficiency in cattle. FULL STORY »

Almost all animal-health companies commit to guidance 213

Since the FDA released its Guidance for Industry #213 in December 2013, all but one affected company have committed in writing to comply with the voluntary guidance. And the committed companies market over 99 percent of the drugs affected by the guidance FDA announced this week. FULL STORY »

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