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Genetic progress – in one generation

Due to the long generation interval in cattle, genetic improvement, using conventional bull and heifer selection, can be a slow process. However, with the use of modern technologies for genetic selection, producers could speed up the process considerably. FULL STORY »

New vaccine technology combats Bluetongue virus

Scientists have developed a faster method of producing an effective vaccine for the devastating animal disease caused by Bluetongue virus (BTV); a virus that has infected and killed thousands of livestock throughout the world. FULL STORY »

Resistance and extended-release dewormers

As many producers may be aware, cattle deworming can offer numerous benefits in terms of herd health and operational costs. But accompanying any parasite-control strategy is the complicated issue of resistance, which occurs when a parasite population begins to survive treatment from a drug that at one time was effective. FULL STORY »

A new approach to calf milk replacer formulation

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products introduces a new approach to calf milk replacer formulation with protein blend calf milk replacers. FULL STORY »

New program aims to reward high-end Angus feeder cattle

A new program called “Top Dollar Angus” intends to provide a link between ranchers who have invested in high-quality Angus genetics and cattle feeders wishing to procure calves that will perform well and qualify for premium Angus-branded programs. FULL STORY »

Measuring the impact of your value proposition

Last in a four-part series from AABP, this webinar helps the practice owner evaluate changes to better market a practice and its services. FULL STORY »

Sampling reveals high rate of subclinical hypocalcemia

A blood calcium sampling program involving more than 5,000 transition dairy cows showed subclinical hypocalcemia in an average of 55 percent of the cows tested. In most cases, producers were unaware their herd was at risk, since this form of low blood calcium often goes undetected. FULL STORY »

Fourth webinar in four-part series available from AABP

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) offers the fourth webinar in a four-part series on practice management, called “Measuring the Impact of Your Value Proposition.” FULL STORY »

Starting cattle on feed

Starting cattle correctly can make the difference between success or failure in cattle feeding, says nutritionist and feedyard consultant John Beckett, PhD. Beckett recently spoke to veterinarians during the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) conference, outlining programs and philosophies that have worked for his clients. FULL STORY »

CSU researcher tackles livestock pregnancy and BVDV infection

Tod Hansen was recently honored for his research on cattle reproduction and disease. FULL STORY »

Gold Standard Labs hires three specialists

Gold Standard Labs has added three marketing and laboratory specialists to its staff, bringing new expertise to continue improving animal health diagnostic services for veterinarians, cattlemen and dairy producers. FULL STORY »

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