At last week’s Academy of Veterinary Consultants’ winter meeting in Denver, Connie K. Larson, PhD, Zinpro Performance Minerals, discussed mineral supplementation in beef cattle.

One of the key points Larson noted is that while it can’t tell you everything about animal performance, mineral analysis provides a basis for decisions in a herd, and that analysis can also help with diagnosing some herd problems.

“Cow nutrition is critical,” she said. “Anything we do for cow nutrition and supplementing with trace minerals is important.”

Another key point Larson discussed was “generation nutrition” and setting cattle offspring up for a lifetime of immunity, no matter what their role is in the future.

“We need to set offspring up for a lifetime of immunity whether it’s impacting feedlot performance, heifer longevity in the herd or even bull development. All of these are impacted by nutrition early in life. Mineral programs impact reproduction, performance and profitability.”