Key performance indicators

Benchmarks compare performance to some standard which can be used to indicate performance, profitability and if efforts to improve are effective. FULL STORY »

Livestock critical to human health and global food security

Livestock production is critical to the food security and livelihood of the world’s population. And livestock may be even more important for the people in the world’s poorest societies. FULL STORY »

Veterinarians’ role to grow in ensuring judicious drug use

Veterinarians will become increasingly more involved with judicius use of antimicrobials in food animals. FULL STORY »

Flaming sand bedding can reduce pathogens

Research conducted at The Ohio State University tested the efficiency of using propane fueled flame as a means to sanitize recycled sand used as free stall bedding. FULL STORY »

Candid shots from AABP

Here were some of the other awards and activities from the 44th Annual American Association of Bovine Practitioners meeting held Sept. 22-24 in St. Louis. FULL STORY »

2011 AABP Awards

These awards were presented to AABP members at the AABP business luncheon Sept. 24. FULL STORY »

Upson/Amstutz are first Hall-of-Famers Play video

Dan Upson, DVM, PhD, and Harold Amstutz, DVM, were the first recipients of the inaugural Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame for beef and dairy veterinarians, respectively. FULL STORY »

DCHA Gold Standards updated Play video

Heifer grower Vance Kells gives an update on finding the new DCHA Gold Standards. FULL STORY »

Pfizer/AABP veterinary student scholarships

Twenty-three students received scholarship in 2011; more than $300,000 has been awarded to 63 students since 2009. FULL STORY »

2011 AABP rocks St. Louis

The 2011 44th AABP conference in St. Louis last week rivaled some of the best-attended AABP’s in the past. FULL STORY »

2011 Amstutz Scholars

2011 American Association of Bovine Practitioners Amstutz scholars. FULL STORY »

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