Apply for AABP externship funds by Oct. 1

Do you know a promising student who’s interested in food animal medicine? Are you a student looking for an externship or in need of help to fund an externship? Apply for the AABP Student Externship Program. It’s a scholarship to enable students with an interest in bovine medicine to use their summers and school breaks to gain experience in the field. FULL STORY »

Less than a month left to vote for CPV Hall of Fame

There's just over three weeks left to vote for one beef and one dairy veterinarian to be honored for the 2012 Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame. FULL STORY »

Apply for the Dr. Bruce Wren CE Award

Have you been out of veterinary school less than 10 years and in a beef or dairy practice? Do you wish you could have the opportunity for continuing education of your choice to enhance your skills? Then apply for the Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Award sponsored by AgriLabs and awarded at AABP. FULL STORY »

Pfizer contributes to foundations

Pfizer Animal Health partners with customers to contribute to FFA and AABP, AAEP foundations in 2012. FULL STORY »

AABP Student Recognition Award deadline

Applications for the 2012 AABP Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Award are due March 15. FULL STORY »

Sjeklocha is Beef Cattle Veterinarian of the Year

Dave Sjeklocha, DVM, is the 2011 recipient of the Kansas Beef Cattle Veterinarian of the Year Award. FULL STORY »

Jim Kennedy, DVM, passes away

When James A. Kennedy took the veterinarian's oath, it was doubtful he realized what an impact he would have on the educational, scientific and agricultural communities he would serve. His death on Dec. 31did not signal the end of his contributions to science since he had once "accepted as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence." That contribution and the work he began as the director of the Colorado State University Diagnostic Laboratory in Rocky Ford will continue. FULL STORY »

Dr. Bruce Wren CE Award

Apply now for the 2012 AgriLabs/AABP Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Awards. FULL STORY »

Cargill AABP scholarships

Cargill Animal Nutrition recently presented eight $1,000 checks to senior veterinary students at the 2011 AABP. FULL STORY »

Be a 'green' veterinarian by improving efficiency

It may come as a surprise to learn that a majority of milk’s “carbon footprint” occurs in one particular area — the milk-production stage. FULL STORY »

Practicing beyond the chute

Is your beef cattle practice poised to change with the times and the ever-changing beef industry? FULL STORY »

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