The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) applauded Gov. Scott Walker for signing 2013 Wisconsin Act 3, exempting Wisconsin veterinarians from the overly burdensome Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

“We applaud the work of Gov. Walker, the Wisconsin Legislature and the Wisconsin Small Business Regulatory Review Board for unanimous support of our exemption from the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program,” says Dr. KC Brooks, Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association President. “As licensed professionals, we currently adhere to numerous state and federal laws pertaining to the practice veterinary medicine and prescribing of all medications.”

WVMA member veterinarians take these laws and responsibilities serious. “As WVMA member veterinarians, we take our commitment to animal health and to public safety, especially the privilege of writing and filling prescriptions for our animal patients, very seriously,” says Brooks. “Only after a thorough physical examination and diagnostic measures, do we prescribe medications to our patients.”

“We support the public policy efforts of the monitoring, however, including veterinarians would not benefit or enhance the monitoring program, and would cost Wisconsin veterinary clinics over $7 million in human resources to comply,” adds Kim Brown Pokorny, WVMA Executive Director.

"The leadership of Representatives Dean Knudson and Sandy Pasch and Senators Terry Moulton and Kathleen Vinehout on this legislation is deeply appreciated by Wisconsin veterinarians."