At the 2012 Western Veterinary Conference this week in Las Vegas, five recipients of the WVC Food Animal Incentive Awards were honored.

They are:

  • David Amrine, DVM, Kansas State
  • Sarah Giebel, DVM, Washington State University
  • Jessica Gordon, DVM, University of Guelph
  • Amanda Hartnack, DVM, The Ohio State
  • Bradley Heins, DVM, University of Georgia

This award is given annually by the Western Veterinary Conference to five veterinarians engaged in a university or private practice internship or residency (first year) in food animal medicine, surgery, production medicine, theriogenology, or epidemiology. The award includes expense-paid travel to attend the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas and a stipend of $1,000.

WVC Food Animal Incentive Award Winners

“Our committee selected five recipients from 20 applications from qualified candidates in the U.S. and Canada,” says Food Animal Incentive Award Committee Chairman Brad White, DVM, Kansas State University. “The recipients of the award are currently participating in food animal training programs focusing on dairy and beef production, epidemiology, and food animal surgery.  The recipients have all displayed strong aptitude in food animal veterinary medicine and are poised to make valuable long term contributions to the profession.”

The Food Animal Incentive Awards are designed to encourage new graduates to enter food animal practice or other careers directly related to food animal practice, such as food animal education and/or research; help develop their leadership skills and aid their progress as future leaders in food animal practice and related activities; and showcase the educational enrichment opportunities offered by the Western Veterinary Conference.

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