An all short-course program from NMC in South Dakota will offer practical, take-home information for dairy veterinarians, producers and members of their teams.

A regional NMC meeting will be held Aug. 15-16, at the Holiday Inn City Centre, Sioux Falls, S.D.

The program is an all short-course meeting without the usual format of presentations in one room. NMC First Vice President David Reid, DVM, says the goal was to have practical, take-home information for producers, milk harvest technicians along with veterinarians and other members of the dairy industry support team.

“There are two specific courses that would be of interest to veterinarians who are doing some system analysis, one for airflow testing and the other for dynamic testing during milking,” Reid says. “Both of these offer a short refresher classroom session followed by being on a dairy and actually doing the testing.”

For those veterinarians who are not into equipment testing, there is a full day of touring a dairy with the purpose of "what do you see" that could be issues for milk quality and profitability. “This course will be without test equipment and will also have a short session at the end to allow discussion of the observations and forming prioritized recommendations based on the walk through,” Reid says.

Short courses that will be offered include: Udder preparation (one in Spanish, one in English), environmental mastitis, identifying milking system issues/testing, PCDART analysis, planning for success, bacteria issues, working with parlor crews, evaluating vacuum levels/air flow, using the powers of observation, using bacterial cultures/milk quality tests.

Pre-registration ends Aug 7. Short courses have limited space, so register early. Click here for more information.