AgriLabs will present two $5000 named awards in honor of Dr. Bruce Wren. Recipients of AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Award in cooperation with the American Association of Bovine Practitioners will benefit from Bruce’s commitment to both practical and formal continuing education in the training of first-rate veterinarians.

Steve Schram, CEO/President of AgriLabs said that, “AgriLabs has relied upon Dr. Wren’s professional expertise as a member of our Technical Services team for many years. But now it is time to invite the broader veterinary community to share in the recognition of his unwavering, deep commitment and dedication to the profession with the establishment of these scholarships in his honor.”

“We found that after graduation, there really weren’t many industry-sponsored awards or professional-development opportunities for veterinarians until they had spent many years in practice,” says Dr. M. Gatz Riddell, AABP executive vice president and member of that planning committee. “Yet, the years after graduation are a key time when young veterinarians not only gain experience, but also are likely to decide whether to continue in herd-side practice or move into other career paths. These AgriLabs $5,000 awards will be vital in helping veterinarians gain more experience in individual-animal and herd-production medicine, helping them bring value to their producer-clients for years to come.”

“The gap between the number of veterinarians available to serve dairy and beef producers continues to increase.” Remarked Mr. Schram. “These grants will provide dedicated veterinarians with significant resources for self-directed professional development and encourage them to remain in large-animal medicine.”

Candidates will design their own award through an application process and judging criteria based on:

  • A professional-development plan, describing the skills/knowledge candidates would like to improve upon to become a more valuable resource for their producer-clients and how they’d use the grant for this improvement.
  • Letters of reference from three individuals (including at least one producer and one veterinarian) who have first-hand knowledge of the applicants’ practice experience and educational interest.

The selection process and the administration of each of these two $5000 grants – one to a beef practitioner, the other to a dairy practitioner-- will be headed by Dr. Gatz Riddell, AABP.

Dr. Wren will present the Awards to the inaugural recipients at the Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners. AgriLabs will host the winners for this conference.

A completed application form (Beef or Dairy) and three letters of support must be submitted before July 15th to be considered.

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