The next time veterinarians and cattle producers stock up on their dewormers, they may notice the packaging for EPRINEX (eprinomectin) has a new look.

The highly regarded pour-on dewormer manufactured by Merial features a new packaging design that highlights the EPRINEX brand and its numerous benefits for beef and dairy cattle.

 “We’ve given EPRINEX a bit of a facelift, so to speak,” says Steve Vandeberg, director of endectocide marketing at Merial. “We know we’ve got a fantastic product on our hands, and we’re pleased to give it the visual enhancement it deserves.”
Most notably, EPRINEX kills 39 species and stages of internal and external parasites in cattle – more than any other conventional dewormer available on the market. EPRINEX also ensures zero milk or meat withholding after use, offering producers peace of mind when determining the best deworming schedule for their operations.
Parasite infections can lead to a number of herd health problems, including negative effects on the immune system, decreased appetites, decreased weaning weights and lower conception rates. But by implementing a deworming strategy with EPRINEX, producers can be confident in their ability to treat cattle and focus on what really matters: a healthy herd, and quality beef and dairy production.
“If you aren’t prepared, parasites can do a number on your bottom line,” Vandeberg says. “But producers who choose EPRINEX can sleep well at night knowing that they’ve chosen a product that can help keep their herd healthy and thriving.”
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