Two years ago AABP surveyed its members to identify areas of concern in cattle practice in order to develop best management practices/guidelines. Those concerns were distilled down to areas that would be manageable by task forces in order to create guidelines. The current guidelines developed by the AABP task forces are the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship, lameness, castration/ dehorning, proper drug use and transportation (AABP already had euthanasia and non-ambulatory cattle handling guidelines).

To date, finished guidelines for these areas are available on the AABP website both in the members-only section and the publicly available web pages. Future issues of concern to the AABP membership may also stimulate the development of additional guidelines.

In order to update and review the AABP guidelines, a comment period is now open for AABP members to review guideline documents that are a year old. You can find the documents that are currently open for comment on the AABP website. You must be logged into the AABP website as a member to access the comments page. The guidelines that are currently open for comment are Euthanasia and VCPR.

The current procedure for creating and reviewing AABP Guidelines is as follows:

1.       Guidelines will be drafted by a task force that is comprised of members resulting from an open call to the membership.

2.       Proposed Guidelines will be revised as per feedback provided by the Board of Directors (BOD).

3.       Guidelines will be accepted following a vote by the BOD.

4.       An initial review including a general call to AABP membership for comment will occur one year after adoption.

5.       AABP members will be able to submit their comments via about the current guidelines on an online portal.

6.       Additional reviews, including the opportunity to comment, will occur at three-year intervals.

The comment period for this set of Guidelines will close on December 31, 2014.

The Castration and Dehorning, Lameness and Transportation guidelines will be open for comment in March 2015.