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Herd-level ketosis monitoring available from AgSource

Today we have low-cost ways to monitor whether cows have ketosis, including cow-side blood tests that cost from $0.24 to $2.00 per test. In an ideal world, producers would have time and money to test every fresh cow for ketosis twice between 5 and 20 days in milk, and some are. At $4/cow/year, that adds up to $6,000 including heifers in a herd of 1,000 cows, which is a small price to pay compared to an estimated cost of $289/cow/case of ketosis.

But sometimes it's time, not money, that's the most limiting factor on a farm.


Court OKs release of CAFO information

A federal judge in Minnesota ruled the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may release information regarding livestock farms subject to concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) regulations.

Animal Health

KU researchers developing salmonella vaccine for livestock

The University of Kansas in Lawrence recently established the Kansas Vaccine Institute within the School of Pharmacy. The institute’s two leading facuty members, Foundation Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry William Picking and Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Wendy Picking plan to develop vaccines to fight overlooked pathogens and boost human and animal health.


AmerisourceBergen purchasing MWI Veterinary Supply

AmerisourceBergen (NYSE:ABC) today announced that it has commenced a tender offer to purchase all outstanding shares of MWI Veterinary Supply, Inc. (NASDAQ:MWIV) for $190.00 per share, net to the seller in cash, without interest, less any applicable withholding taxes.


Obama to propose sharp increase in antibiotic funding

U.S. President Barack Obama's fiscal 2016 budget request will propose nearly doubling federal funding to some $1.2 billion for the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the White House said on Tuesday.


Veterinarians help rescue cow from mine shaft

Large-animal veterinarians encounter some unusual and challenging situations in their day-to-day practice, but pulling a 1,200-pound cow out of a 30-foot-deep hole would be a memorable experience for most. That’s what happened in California recently though, and a short video from the California Department of Food and Agriculture documents the rescue.


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