Zinpro Corporation is pleased to announce its Gold Sponsorship of IFEEDER Institute for Feed Education and Research. IFEEDER was formed to support the future of the feed industry as it is challenged to develop sustainable solutions to feed the growing world population.

“We’re proud to support IFEEDER in its mission to develop a sustainable future for food and feed production,” says Joseph Carrica, Executive Vice President – Global Sales and Marketing, Zinpro Corporation. “As a science-based company, Zinpro Corporation has invested heavily throughout our 43-year history in developing research-proven products and delivering industry-leading educational tools to help improve animal performance. With this $50,000 Gold Sponsorship, we’re committed to helping the feed industry develop research-based solutions and educational efforts to help feed the world.” 

IFEEDER broadly represents the feed industry, including academia, and experts in science and technology. For more information about IFEEDER, please visit ifeeder.org