The Wyoming Business Council’s Agribusiness Division is offering Wyoming cattle producers a new verified marketing claim to help them capture more money per pound for their animals at the feedlot.

NutriVac is the newest verified marketing claim under the Wyoming Verified program, a marketing tool created by the Business Council to enhance profitability for producers and allow them to capture added value through premiums offered for certified livestock.  

A large part of the NutiVac program is designed to help inform feeder buyers about the calves verified in the program.  The verified calves will be listed on the Wyoming Beef Cattle List website at, as well as be promoted and advertised nationally.  The process is conducted by an independent, third-party audit for the Wyoming Verified program. 

There is no cost for producers to have their calves verified for the NutriVac claim.

John Henn, livestock and meat marketing program manager at the Business Council, said there is an increase in demand by cattle feeders for calves that have received industry approved vaccinations along with a good mineral and vitamin nutrition program. 

“The NutriVac claim can provide assurance to feeders that verified calves meet those requirements,” said Henn.  “Cattle feeders want calves that are preconditioned at the ranch to have an adequate immune system to prevent them from getting sick at the feedlot, which can save feeders a significant amount of money.”

Henn said it has been reported that buyers will pay 6 to 11 cents per pound more for preconditioned calves at the various levels.

“Many cow-calf producers in Wyoming are most likely managing their calves according to the guidelines established, but are not able to capture the rewards for the added value of the nutrition and vaccination programs they are using,” said Henn.  “This program was created to help do that.”

For more information and to get a copy of the NutriVac guidelines, contact John Henn at 307.777.2847 or

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