USDA’s  latest monthly report on the Scrapie Eradication Program shows a prevalence in tested animals of 0.006 percent, a 96 percent reduction since surveillance began  in 2003.

During fiscal year 2012, Regulatory Scrapie Slaughter Surveillance (RSSS) discovered eight new infected or source flocks in 7 States, a 47 percent reduction compared to FY 2011. As of March 31, 2013, two source flocks and one infected flock have been designated for the current fiscal year.

RSSS is a targeted slaughter surveillance program designed to identify infected flocks. The program has collected samples from 373,529 animals since April 1, 2003. Over that time, 463 animals were confirmed positive. So far in FY 2013, 18,845 samples have been collected, 2,581 of which were from goats. Two black-faced sheep have tested positive for scrapie in FY 2013.

The full report is available from USDA/APHIS.