FDA’s new rules for Traceability for Livestock Moving Interstate took effect on March 11, 2013, but the issue of livestock traceability in the United States is far from resolved. To review compliance, successes and challenges with the current system and to evaluate future needs in animal disease traceability (ADT), the National Institute for Animal Agriculture and the U.S. Animal Health Association will host a Joint Strategy Forum on Animal Disease Traceability, August 6 and 7 in Denver.

Registration for the event is now open and the organizers have released a tentative agenda for the joint forum.

Following opening remarks, USDA/APHIS deputy administrator and chief veterinary officer John Clifford, DVM, will frame the issue and the purpose of the forum. Next, Tony Forshey, DVM, Ohio Department of Agriculture state veterinarian and Alabama state veterinarian Tony Frazier, DVM, will lead a panel discussing areas in which a consistent and harmonious approach to administering ADT across state lines is imperative. Panelists will cover topics including:

  • Implications for Livestock Markets
  • Data Collection in Management at Markets to Commerce
  • Brand State Considerations
  • Development of Owner/Shipper Statement MOUs for Interstate Movement
  • Data Standards & Technology Considerations  to Implement ADT
  • Equine Movements

Other sessions will cover:

Implications for Livestock Used for Rodeo, Fairs & Exhibitions

  • ADT Outreach & Education
  • Development of Consensus on Consistency and Harmonization of ADT Final Rule Compliance

Read more and register for the forum on the NIAA website.