On November 12 to 14, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture will host a symposium in Kansas City intending to bring together representatives of academia, government researchers, the scientific community and stakeholders within animal agriculture, human medicine and the environment to discuss antimicrobial use and resistance.

The event, titled “Bridging the gap between animal health and human health,” will take place at the Kansas City Airport Marriott

 The symposium is open to individuals who want to learn from each other, engage in meaningful dialogue and create successful strategies to preserve antibiotic efficacy.

 The speakers at the symposium who represent human and animal health will provide the latest scientific bodies of information and separate the facts from perceived facts. Their information will help us move beyond the confines of our own disciplines so we explore new models for team science. Finding resolution to antimicrobial resistance must begin with the end in mind – improving human and animal health.

Learn more and register at the conference website.

The conference agenda also is available online.