Strategic business planning can be an important part of long-range success. An effective strategic plan spurs conversations about the future and transforms them into action. As a result, businesses are likely to increase profitability and reduce the possibility of failure.

“If you don’t know where you are going as a business, you won’t know how to move forward,” said Nicolas Buttars, PeopleFirst™ business solutions manager. “You are going to underachieve in the long term, and put your business or operation at risk of being surpassed by your competitors.”

A business plan serves as a necessary and cost-effective way to improve stability during volatile times, which can be frequent in the agricultural industry.

“A lot of businesses are in a transition point right now,” Buttars said. “They really haven’t considered a plan that looks three to five years out. They are focused on an annual operational plan versus long-term growth.” 

Strategic Planning Services from PeopleFirst is available to help agribusiness owners, managers and veterinary clinics outline goals and achieve them.

People who enter this program are taking steps to become more profitable and more productive, Buttars said.

The strategic planning process focuses on everything from plan creation to implementation. Starting with an introduction to strategic planning, the curriculum continues with stages of activating the strategic plan specific to your business or operation. After completing this curriculum, owners will walk away with a strategic intent statement, business objectives, core strategies, action plans and monitoring plans.

“The introduction gives a brief overview of what strategic planning is and why it is important,” Buttars said. “It gives participants a high-level vision and core values statement and asks them to think: ‘Where is it that we really want to be?’”

This process also helps assure owners of consistency throughout their business. It will outline important objectives that help with widespread alignment of the company.

“The biggest thing business owners are going to gain from this is what strategic direction they want and what business objectives are important to them,” Buttars said. “They will gain alignment within their organization so that everyone has the same understanding of where they are going and what they are doing in the future.”

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