Proper storage, removal and disposal of potentially hazardous medical waste present financial and regulatory challenges for veterinarians and producers, especially in remote areas. To simplify the process and provide an alternative to third-party disposal services, Medical Innovations, Inc. has introduced a novel Medical Waste Machine that converts medical waste to ordinary waste for conventional disposal.

The small, portable machine is 18 inches tall, 10 inches wide and weighs 14 pounds. The user can drop “sharps” directly into the Teflon-lined device, or into a special disposable sharps container, which is placed into the machine when full. Then, high-temperature plastic discs are placed in the machine, which is locked and switched on. The machine heats the plastic discs and the waste to a very high temperature, sterilizing the waste and melting the discs.

The molten discs serve as an encapsulating medium, and upon hardening, also serve as a bio-physical indicator that sterilization and destruction has occurred. The final result is a sterile block which is non-regulated waste and can be disposed of in the regular trash receptacle.

According to the company, the system can save small and large businesses up to 80 percent yearly in waste-disposal costs, while also reducing liability associated with storing waste such as needles and syringes, lancets, blades, broken glass carpules and other medical waste on site.

For more information, visit the Medical Innovations website