New dairy calf care blogDairy calf expert Sam Leadley, PhD, Attica Veterinary Associates, Attica, N.Y., has started a new blog on dairy calf care, Calves with Sam.

Leadley, who authors the Calving Ease e-newsletter, says that while the e-newsletter can provide a more in-depth examination of ideas, “I see the blog as more of a ‘snapshot’ medium,” he says. “With Calving Ease I often have to wait a month or sometimes two or three months to share an idea. This medium turns around as often as I am willing to spend time composing the copy. My goal is to publish at least three times a week.”

Leadley says the blog will feature calf care websites, newsletter-format resources, good summaries of ideas about calf care, quick notes about new research findings, observations from his farm visits, his opinions about articles appearing in the popular dairy press, and, “Anything else that I think could be used to improve profitability of a calf enterprise.”