The National Institute for Animal Agriculture and U.S. Animal Health Association recently released a white paper, “Harmonization of Trichomoniasis Regulatory and Testing Standards,” that summarizes presentations and discussions conducted at a one-day national forum that gathered industry leaders, producers, diagnostic laboratory veterinarians, animal health officials and others involved in the control and management of trichomoniasis. The white paper also shares five key consensus points as well as areas participants identified as needing further exploration to help reduce confusion and increase understanding, cooperation and compliance across states.

Topics covered in the white paper include:

  • Overview of trichomoniasis
  • Economic loss estimates related to trich
  • Sample handling and collection
  • Sample handling and collection—veterinarian perspective
  • Sample handling and collection—laboratory perspective
  • Trich testing—What has worked in Colorado
  • Snapshot of four state control/management programs

“If you’re involved in the control and management of trich, then this white paper deserves your attention,” states forum co-chair Carl Heckendorf, DVM, Livestock Disease Veterinarian, Colorado Department of Agriculture. “While trichomoniasis is not a new disease, its prevalence has increased dramatically in recent years, and we need to get on the same page to help manage this disease and keep beef cattle healthy and productive.”

The “Harmonization of Trichomoniasis Regulatory and Testing Standards” white paper is available online at You can also view many of Annual Conference’s PowerPoint presentations and hear the audio in full online at the NIAA website