The American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) offers the third webinar in a four-part series on practice management, called “Marketing Your Value Proposition.” Following the first two, “Constructing a Value Proposition” and “Partial Budgeting”, this webinar offers the viewer advice on how to market his/her services to clients.

The webinar covers the four P’s of marketing – product, price, place and promotion, looking at the cost of providing a service and how to price it accordingly. The webinar uses the example of offering embryo transfer services in a practice and details how to effectively market that service.

“This session provides the basics around the questions we often hear from our colleagues – how do I market my services and remain professional?” says Dick Lewis, a business consultant to AABP’s Veterinary Practice Sustainability committee that produced the webinars. “If you have spent the time and effort to build a good value proposition and made the investment to improve a specific aspect of it, the next step is to make sure that you’re marketing it effectively to clients and prospects. A significant improvement and investment in your practice that remains a secret isn’t helping you or your clients.”

Project leader of AABP’s committee, Dr. David Welch, adds, “This webinar focuses on the real needs of the client and how we can address those needs. It explores the principles of marketing, how to develop an integrated marketing program, and how to utilize the technique of ‘consultative selling’.  Consultative selling focuses on real needs of the client and can be equated to prescribing a solution to a client's needs, rather than pushing a service or product.”

AABP members can access this and other webinars for free by logging in at, then click on Resources and Webinar Series. Non-members wishing to view the webinar can find it online at the Kansas State University Beef Cattle Institute website at For non-members, the cost is $50 per webinar.

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