Market news has been sparse in the absence of USDA reports, but the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) and Texas Cattle Feeders Association (TCFA) provided some insight on Friday afternoon, October 11.

As of early Friday, KLA found fed-cattle markets untested with a firmer undertone noted, and noted the last test was at $126.00 live and $199.50 in the beef. Later in the day, TCFA reported fed steer and heifer prices at $128 per hundredweight, up $2 from a week ago.

TCFA reports total steer and heifer volume at 72,300 head, down from 78,000 last week but up from 63,800 a year ago.  

According to Urner-Barry, quoted in the KLA report, boxed beef prices were $0.14 per hundredweight lower on Choice, at $192.19, and $1.26 higher on Select at $177.49 per hundredweight at the close of trading on Thursday. Hide and offal values were not quoted due to the partial government shutdown.

Feeder cattle prices were $1.00 to $3.00 per hundredweight higher according to KLA. Average to high-Choice quality 750-pound feeder steers sold primarily in a range of $167.00 to $172.00, with feeder weight heifers averaging $153.00 to $158.00.

KLA reports Holstein feeder steer prices were $1.00 higher, with 800-pound yearlings averaging $100.00 to $103.00.

Calf prices were $1.00 to $4.00 higher, according to KLA. Average to high-Choice quality 550-pound steers sold primarily from $174.00 to $184.00 per hundredweight, with their heifer mates averaging $154.00 to $164.00.

Cow prices were steady. Commercial and good Utility cows averaged $79.00 to $85.00 per hundredweight, with Canners and Cutters earning $78.00 to $83.00.