GlobalVetLINK is excited to announce the upcoming release of the patented GVL SmartEngine technology. This groundbreaking solution has been part of the company’s vision since GVL’s inception in 1999. However, in 2012 the vision began taking shape as the product team focused on making system enhancements, which set the foundation for the implementation of the GVL SmartEngine technology.

The first product to be powered by GVL SmartEngine will be HealthLINK Digital Animal Health  certification System. The improvements to the eCVI system will make compliance easier than ever before, providing a single solution to lookup state import and Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) requirements as well as to generate eCVI certificates, which will verify these requirements. The single solution approach will increase the efficiency of animal movement and disease containment.

The core objective in developing this solution is to allow animal health stakeholders to spend more time doing what they do best. GVL SmartEngine will benefit veterinarians, as well as state animal health officials by providing real time eCVI validation to its users. This technology will eliminate the need for state animal health officials to continuously maintain with their online requirements databases and reduce the time spent on compliancy issues.

On October 28th, 2014, GlobalVetLINK will offer a new continuing education webinar entitled Simplifying Regulation Nation: ADT & Interstate Movement Requirements Made Easy. This one hour webinar will be presented by Chelsea Good, J.D., Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs at Livestock Marketing Association. The session will focus on the explanation of the ADT Monitoring and Compliance Guidelines document and how digital solutions help  reduce the burden of compliance, while featuring a demonstration of the new GVL SmartEngine technology by GVL Product Manager and Subject Matter Expert, Kaylen Henry.

For more information on GVL SmartEngine call 515-817-5703, visit, or register for Simplifying Regulation Nation at