GoPass, the six month equine passport benefiting animal owners with frequent interstate travel, is coming back! GoPass was previously a feature offered to GVL customers, and will re-launch in mid-May, better than ever. The electronic passport serves as a substitute for the existing 30-day electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI) health certificate. With online mobile capability, accurate ID

with streamlined digital photo upload, and automatic submission to the state, wait time for animal owners to commence recreational travel is reduced.

Offered in three regional networks, veterinarians are able to issue six-month equine passports to horses traveling within their network. The user-friendly, point and click functionality of creating an electronic GoPass certificate makes it a more efficient method than the traditional hand-written, 30-day certificate or the paper-based equine passport option.

Guidelines vary for each of the three regions GoPass is offered. We encourage issuing veterinarians and horse owner to check the guidelines for their region to learn if GoPass is the right solution for your travel documents.

Horse owners should check with their veterinarian to inquire about GoPass. Owners can also use

GlobalVetLINK’s Find-a-Vet service found here to find a vet in your area that offers GoPass. Veterinarians interested in learning more about how they can offer GoPass to their clients, call 515-817-5701 or visit our website at