Medicated feeds have been a hot topic at FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine lately, as the agency addresses consumer concerns over antibiotic resistance. Last week, FDA/VS introduced a new video outlining regulations on medicated animal feeds intended for commercial or private operators of feed mills.

Earlier, FDA released a related video on safe medicated animal feeds for livestock producers. That video focuses largely on how to read and interpret the label on medicated feeds and use the products in compliance with the label specifications.

The agency notes that all feed manufacturing facilities that produce medicated animal feed, including licensed, commercial mills and private feed mills producing feed for on-farm use, must follow a set of rules contained in the current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulation. This video provides a brief overview of the regulation and helps viewers determine how it applies to their operations.

The video outlines some basics such as the definition of a medicated feed and the importance of regulations on these products for food safety, public health and animal-welfare purposes. Then the video describes the GMP regulation for medicated animal feeds, with sections covering buildings, grounds, equipment, storage areas, laboratory assays, product labeling and record keeping.  It focuses especially on the importance of accurate labeling to ensure proper dosage and withdrawal periods when producers use medicated feeds.

The video also includes instructions on how to find the Current Good Management Practices for Medicated Feeds in the code of Federal Regulations, title 21, section 225, which we have simplified here with this direct link.

View the new video for manufacturers of medicated animal feeds online from FDA.