The world’s only full-day investment forum exclusively for emerging animal health companies takes place today in Kansas City.  Thirteen early and mid-stage companies from 11 states, Belgium and Japan are presenting to investors at the KC Animal Health Investment Forum.  Presenters are seeking to raise between $500,000 and $20 million in funds, and have revenue projections of $20 million within 5-7 years. 

“We have never had the opportunity to present this many good candidates to the audience,” said Chris Ragland, CEO of Animalytix LLC, who served on the selection committee.  “Presenting companies are in different segments and at varying development stages:  venture, private equity and traditional manufacturer opportunities are all included.”

Presenting companies have developed a variety of innovative products for the animal health industry. These include protective and therapeutic gear for horses, lighting technology for production animal operations, and a detection strip for the diagnosis of periodontal disease in dogs.  

“The most important shift we have seen in the animal health sector over the past decade is the increasing reliance on smaller firms for core innovations,” continued Ragland.  “Larger firms are best at commercializing existing technology, but smaller firms are increasingly important for driving innovation.”

Forum attendees include representatives from venture capital funds, investment firms, corporate R&D and business development professionals.  Companies presenting at the KC Animal Health Investment Forum previously have raised more than $90 million.

"Support for emerging animal health companies is a top priority for the KC Animal Health Corridor and key to our goal to become the global epicenter of animal health innovation," said Kimberly Young, vice president of bioscience development for the Kansas City Area Development Council

Presenting companies are:

  • DS Pharma Animal Health Co., LTD – Osaka, Japan:  drug delivery system for animals,
  • Fetch Pharma – Bellevue, WA:  canine biopharmaceutical product developer,  
  • KAVB Farm – Bend, OR:  therapeutic gear for horses,
  • Mobile Assay Inc. – Boulder, CO:  diagnostic platform for animal health applications,
  • Napo Animal Health, Inc. – San Francisco, CA:  product controlling diarrhea in animals,
  • Okapi Sciences NV – Leuven, Belgium:  antiviral drugs for companion animals and livestock,
  • Once Innovations – Plymouth, MN:  lighting technologies for production animal facilities,
  • PDX BioTech – Lexington, KY:  detection strip for canine periodontal disease diagnosis, 
  • PonyUp Technologies, Inc. – Dallas, TX:  equine boot for biological data collection,
  • Prairie AquaTech – Brookings, SD:  utilizes enzyme-producing fungus to develop protein replacement,
  • Prommune,  Inc. – Omaha, NE:  develops immune stimulant for animals
  • VaxLiant, LLC – Lincoln, NE:  develops animal vaccines
  • Vital Herd, Inc. – Falmouth, ME:  disease detector in cattle,

Kansas City’s Animal Health Industry

Known as the KC Animal Health Corridor, the Greater Kansas City area boasts the world’s largest concentration of animal health industry assets. Kansas City area companies account for approximately one third of total sales for the global animal health market; view them here.