Drovers/CattleNetwork’s new look for 2014 is enhanced by its collection of some of the brightest minds in the beef industry, bringing higher quality and depth to the brand. "The fast pace of innovation and change in the beef market led us to begin a year-long process to improve the look, feel and substance of Drovers/ CattleNetwork," said Vance Publishing Agribusiness Editorial Director Greg Johnson.

To showcase its expanded editorial depth, in November, Drovers/CattleNetwork will be led by a new editor, Mary Soukup. Mary was most recently Communications Director for the Kansas Department of Agriculture. She has also worked for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in Washington, DC, and worked as press secretary and legislative assistant for two members of the U.S. House of Representatives. She and her husband live in Ellsworth, Kansas, where they raise commercial Angus cattle and farm with their family.

“I’m looking forward to representing a brand with the history of Drovers/CattleNetwork and bringing business solutions to the beef industry in new and exciting ways,” Soukup said.

Drovers/CattleNetwork Managing Editor John Maday continues with his role and as editor of the Bovine Veterinarian brand.

"We've seen that there are a vast array of opportunities and challenges facing the beef and cattle industry," Johnson said. "Industry members need access to a broad group of leaders and thinkers, and we aim to provide that on the pages of Drovers/CattleNetwork. In an effort to refresh and improve our products and services, we're excited to bring the following voices to lead conversations in print, online and in person."

To that end, Drovers/CattleNetwork proudly announces a significant expansion of its editorial team to include this diverse and deeply talented group of new contributors:

  • Christy Couch Lee pulls inspiration from her herd of Angus cattle in northeastern Illinois, and writes about the cattle industry and everything that affects it;
  • Tamara Choat, freelancer and blogger, who, with her husband, operates Homestead Cattle Company and Powder River Meat Company, a custom meat processing and retail meat shop in Terry, Montana;
  • John Nalivka, President and CEO of Sterling Marketing, will provide exclusive analysis of margins and economic trends from the cow-calf producer though the packer;
  • Lee Leachman, owner of Leachman Cattle of Colorado, runs one of the nation’s largest seedstock operations, and will detail selection strategies that bring profits to ranches;
  • Jesse Larios, of Foster Feedyard in California, will provide insight into the cattle-feeding process to producers and consumers;
  • Jared Wareham, from the “Flying H Genetics Team,” will cover genetics and the implications of genetic selection on long-term herd productivity and profits;
  • Frank Garry, DVM, MS, DACVIM, Colorado State University, will bring clarity to food and agricultural issues that create confusion or misunderstanding among the public; and
  • Emily Meredith, of the Animal Ag Alliance, will write about timely topics for producers related to animal welfare issues.

In addition, these established Drovers/CattleNetwork contributors will continue to provide custom commentary:

  • Suzanne Bopp offers her insight on consumer concerns and preferences. Her experiences range from ranching in Wyoming, to research in Antarctica, to living in New Jersey writing for consumer magazines;
  • Dan Murphy, a veteran meat and food journalist, often offers a contrarian view while covering many sensitive and controversial food issues; and
  • Chuck Jolley, a meat industry insider, analyzes issues affecting packers, retailers and consumers.

"This is just the beginning," Johnson said. "We're excited to welcome Mary Soukup as the new editor of Drovers/CattleNetwork, and we plan to add more contributors from various levels of the cattle industry in addition to adding a couple more full-time editors to represent Drovers/CattleNetwork."


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