What’s the difference between a Holstein and a Longhorn?

According to Chevrolet’s latest Silverado commercial, the answer is "nothing."

“A man and his truck and a broken fence. And a lost calf. And the heart to search for as long as it takes. And the truck that lets him search for as long as it takes,” the commercial’s narration says in the 30-second clip.

Click the video player above to see the commercial or here to see it on YouTube. 

The storyline features a hardworking rancher who, while checking his herd of Longhorn cattle in the midst of a rainstorm, finds a calf missing. With the help of his 2014 Chevy Silverado, the rancher finds his calf – a Holstein calf.

This storyline may tug at the heartstrings of the general public, but farmers and ranchers will likely see it differently. A quick look on the truck’s YouTube and Facebook pages shows that farmers and ranchers aren’t letting Chevy off the hook.

“Yep, that is a Holstein. Silly Chevy,” one Chevy fan commented on its YouTube page.

“Chevy I have nothing against your trucks but this is pretty sad. You show Longhorn cows and then a Holstein (aka dairy breed) calf. The idea is inspiring and as a rancher I have spent many times looking for a lost calf and salute those who do this for a living but you could have done just a little homework to give this some reality and make this not look like a failed attempt to answer the Dodge "And God made a Farmer" commercial which had some reality issues of its own,” another person commented.

The commercial is only the latest in a series by Chevy to feature rural America. However, as rancher  Ryan Goodman wrote in a blog post, the first of Chevrolet’s ads fails to have the “emotional, pull-at-the-heart-strings response” as Dodge Ram’s “So God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl commercial.

Dodge Ram’s now-iconic commercial not only declared 2013 the “year of the farmer;” it also pledged to donate to the National FFA Organization for every view for its advertisement. It took less than a week to reach 10 million views, earning the FFA a $1 million donation.

Other pro-agriculture car commercials include the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-150.