I first saw this neat product at a meeting last year and thought it was revolutionary for food-animal veterinarians. The J.L. Darling Corp. was handing out samples of its Rite in the Rain paper at a convention and I was hooked.

Rite in the Rain's all-weather writing paper has a special coating that allows you to write on it whether it’s wet or dry. Available in notebooks, loose leaf and other configurations, this is a handy tool for outdoor use.

Now the company has launched a new line of all-weather animal treatment record books, including a Dairy Treatment Record book and a Calf Treatment Record book. These books contain a VCPR form, animal treatment plan, approved drug list and space to record 400 individual treatment records on the all-weather writing paper.

This paper in its many forms has been used in a variety of industries where exposure to the elements can ruin writing paper. On-farm, it is especially useful for shedding not only rain but animal fluids, humidity and sweat.

If you’re going to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association meeting next week in Nashville, make sure to check them out in the exhibit hall.

Click here for more information and to see examples of products for the animal production industry.