The goal of any parasite control plan is to make sure the maximum number of the highest-priority parasites are eliminated and you decrease parasite resistance in your herd. There are two types of parasite control programs that producers can utilize:

A concurrent parasite control protocol is based on a one-time, multi-product treatment. A concurrent protocol may be utilized when a producer only handles the cattle once, or it is determined by fecal egg count diagnostics that their parasite population is most effectively controlled by a combination of products administered together.

A selective parasite control program deploys a sequence of treatments, typically at times when cattle would otherwise be handled, such as at weaning and branding. The sequence of products is determined based on the lifecycle and prevalence of the parasites present.

“The decision should be based on your goals, your experience, information and the counsel of your local veterinarian, which is extremely important to helping you decide which protocol to use,” says Dr. Doug Ensley, Professional Services Veterinarian for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Questions to Consider

Before determining whether a concurrent or selective deworming protocol is right for you, Dr. Ensley recommends discussing the following topics with your local veterinarian:

  • What time of year will you process your cattle?
  • How many times do you process your cattle during the year?
  • How are cattle handled?
  • What are your production goals?
  • What are the parasites that pose the maximum level of threat to your herd?
  • Do you have current data about parasite infecting your herd?
  • What does your veterinarian currently recommend for parasites control in your herd?

In either case, producers who choose their option based on data and the advice of their local veterinary expert stand an excellent chance of sending a faster growing, healthier animal to the feed lot.

“We need to be sure that we’re making the best selection, it is important to utilize the most efficacious products in the concurrent dose to minimize the risk of resistant parasites,” he notes. “To try to save money by using a less-effective product may compromise the entire program.”

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