Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) is important even down at the baby calf level. Jim Brett, DVM, Mississippi State University, discusses some of the common mistakes made on dairies that can detrimentally affect BQA.

“One of the mistakes I’ve seen are expired or contaminated products,” Brett says. “Producers may buy the 50-dose vial to save a few pennies but going in and out of the bottle on multiple treatments will contaminate the vial and can lead to some nasty abscesses.”

Dosing and route of administration mistakes are also easily made if someone is careless. “Some suppliers still put ‘follow labeled directions’ instead of those on my prescription and occasionally a mistake is made with the wrong label or incorrect instructions,” Brett adds.

Brett says if a producer is buying product from someone else, he includes a review of the drug storage area. “It let’s me help with the proper separation of drugs (lactating separate from non-lactating), help with inventory control and insure the labels are correct,” he says.  

Read the full article "Drug Therapy Standards for Calves" in the January 2012 Bovine Veterinarian here.