The results are in. When it comes to mycotoxin analysis, dairy farmers want the most comprehensive evaluation possible in order to safeguard their operations. Alltech’s 37+TM Mycotoxin Analysis Program was one of 10 recipients selected for the 2014 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award.

The fourth annual Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards were presented Sept. 30 at the Sheraton Hotel during World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, recognizing game-changers for the dairy industry in the areas of efficiency, functionality and technology. 

“There is no analytical method, risk assessment and on-site audit service similar to the 37+ program. By analyzing for more than 37 different mycotoxins at ppb and ppt levels, one is able to see the entire contamination profile and prepare for the cumulative and synergistic impact of multiple low level mycotoxins over time,” said Nick Adams, global sales director for the Alltech Mycotoxin Management Team. “The 37+ program’s feed analysis and risk assessment is coupled with an on-site audit evaluating feed storage, and operational logistics based on HAACP principles. The herd manager has access to a powerful tool to deal proactively rather than reactively with optimizing the health and productivity of the operation.”

Entries for the award were evaluated by Dairy Herd Management's panel of dairy farmers, agribusiness representatives and university experts and were judged on their originality within the marketplace, usefulness and value to dairy farmers.

The 37+ program, using an improved liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry method analyzes for multiple mycotoxin contamination in a given feed sample. The program provides a risk assessment and calculates the risk equivalent quantity (risk factor multiplied by the quantity of mycotoxin) for that particular feedstuff sample. The mycotoxin management team then provides a complete contamination report and recommendations for management and nutritional applications that can assist with mycotoxin prevention and control.  

Alltech, a leader in animal health and performance, had previously earned a one-star innovation award for its Mycotoxin Management Program from INNOV’SPACE in France, a distinction program that awards new product and service innovations in agriculture. Alltech’s complete 37+ Mycotoxin Analysis Program was officially launched to farmers in North America in November 2013 with the company’s first North American Harvest Analysis Survey.