The 16-minute webinar, “Constructing a Value Proposition”, was developed by the AABP Veterinary Sustainability Committee. Committee Project Leader David Welch, VMD, MBA, Berlin, Penn., says in June 2013, business consultant Dick Lewis introduced the committee to the topic of the value proposition and how it might be applied to veterinary practice. “Value proposition tables are utilized in sales to help organize services based on the promise of value to be received by the client,” Welch explains. “Organizing and viewing a veterinarian's service offerings from the perspective of the client and placing various services in categories of sophistication help us to think more strategically about our services.”

Though the value proposition information in the webinar can be used in any type of practice, for demonstration purposes a dairy practice was used as an example. “Many practices would benefit from looking objectively at their various services from the client's viewpoint,” Welch says.

Upcoming webinars in the Value Proposition Series will focus on developing a partial budget, marketing the value proposition and measuring the impact of the value proposition on a practice, respectively. The purpose of the entire series is to provide a tool that practices can use to revitalize their service offerings, provide services that clients will value and improve the efficiency and performance of the individual practice. “Webinar 1 is the starting point and lays the foundation for the initial discussion and for subsequent webinars to build upon,” Welch says.

AABP’s Veterinary Practice Sustainability Committee strongly encourages all practices to use the webinars as a starting point to engage all practice stakeholders (owners, managers, clinicians, associates and support staff). “AABP offers these webinars free of charge to members,” Welch adds. “Implementing them may change the value of your practice offerings, and the value of your future.”

AABP members can access this and future webinars for free by logging in at, then click on Resources and Webinar Series. Non-members wishing to view the webinar can find it online at the Kansas State University Beef Cattle Institute website at For non-members, the cost is $50 per webinar.

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